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Black magic what does it stand for what is the real meaning of this word? Several time we come across this term black magic specialist. Many people have many definitions attached to this word. Sometime it may get very confusing for a normal person to understand its real meaning to case of too many definitions available for this world. So let us simplify this to you in a layman language. black magic spells simply means a process which has several mysterious power andhas the capacity to spoils anything good or normal in one’s life. It can be your health, your money, you relation, your social status you are care love life your married life your confidence etc.

It contains several type of negative energy in it which is enforced towards you so that you should be affected by them in your day to day life. It destroys the positive energy in you completely. This is an ancient practice which is extremely powerful and effective. These practices were used in ancient time to read the mind of enemy by the king and queen to safeguard their Empire.

But it never given the permission to use on the in innocent people or to be used for your personal achievement and accomplishment. This is against the law of nature. The biggest advantage of black magic specialist in us is that it being made for him her. It’s only when a person gets trapped into it completely is that time that it starts showing its symptoms start giving its sign of presence. And that also only few people can figure out. Not even has intuition power to analyze it. This is one of the major reasons that many people are trapped into black magic for years. But they are still unaware of it scary yes it can get scary. But this is just one side of the coin. There are many people who claim that their parents or grandparents were unable to analyze the black magic symptoms happening to them resulting in abnormal over sudden death without any identification on any dishes or health issue.

Black magic is like a slow poison. It kills the victim with slow poison. Slow poison it will it really make you feel that thing are getting negative for you slowly. Maybe this is just bad face of your life which will fade away very soon because everyone goes through a rough face his, her life. So sometime the victim thinks positive and takes it normally. Well yes thinking positive is really good all of us should be positive and think positively. But the only thing we want to address here very strongly in this that sometime we should not just follow the rat race of people who have won staple dialogue of stay positive in all situation no we don’t agree at all. The reason is that the person who is going through hell cannot remain positive till the time he she is taken out of that he hell.

Let’s be realistic here people. It’s like telling somebody who was burning and fire remaining cool come on you can’t expect this to happen can you?
Similar if you are feeling that something is not good with you then you should take the pain or should we say make an effort of knowing about the reason which is causing that situation. Just assuming won’t help if you are think that medically you are not fit then of course you will go to the doctor and know about it. The doctor does his normal routine job by diagnosing your disease through the test and report. But what happens if the report and test come out to be completely normal. The doctor will only say that you are ok, it’s just that you are taking too much of stress and did you feel you unfit. Take it easy and try to relax, isn’t it?
You know more than anybody in this whole wide world that there is something definitely wrong with your body and your conducts. So when you medical science is unable to help you then that time spiritual power come into play. Yes it is true because as we said that there are plenty of mysteries and question that Medical Science did need to find.
In fact today medical science also agrees on this. There is a lot still to be explored. So if you feel that there is something that untraceable. By you and other, then that is the time that you take the help of paranormal expert for a genuine spiritual healer. Yes because black magic is a negative force it can only be caught or judge by a specialist in this field. Someone who understand the unknown word and its power only that person can help you in this scenario. 

So now you know black magic spells in a simplified version now how about upgrading your level of understanding a bit more well dear know that what another term of black magic called is. Let us educate you all on this again in the simple manner. It’s also known as tantra. Our reader and sure a few of you must have heard this time before or maybe read about it somewhere too. But for those who are alien to this term let me throw some light on in a simple manner.
So the term tantra mean a process which take to closer to God with a fast pace. The way to reach towards god much faster. A process which make you aware of spiritual power and its strength and help you to know about the hidden mysteries behind it too. This was the secret that Lord Shiva had shared with Goddess Parvati during a conversation. The unfortunate think about this whole secret from is that it is being used against the internet people by the mean people to fulfill their own selfish Desire with the help of tantrik and ojhas or spiritual healer who do this for money making tactics.

They don’t realize that how an instant person will be suffering from the several issue once this process is used against in his,her. This is the cheating being conduct in the name of spirituality and all the people are part of the evil act should be ashamed of themselves. They should never forget that the power should never be misused for achieving any personal and unreasonable purpose or Desire because firstly it’s against the rule of Tantra , spirituality and secondly it is against the law of nature, thirdly if you still carry on doing this Evil act then the end result of these evil conduct for you will be devastating and unimaginable sooner or later.

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